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Balsac papermill s.r.o. is a new production subject in area of specialty packaging papers in the Czech Republic. With respect and sense of responsibility, we endorse to tradition of papermaking in Lukavice town in Šumperk region (North-East of the Czech Republic), by continuity and further development of the production. „Credibility, Respect, Liability“ represents the main motto of the company. Credible in eyes of customers, business partners and employees; Respect to work of previous generations and current competition; Liability towards environment and its resources.

The majority owner of Balsac papermill s.r.o. is company JIVA Trade s.r.o., a long-term successful trader on European market of recycled papers. JIVA Trade s.r.o. is also the main financing partner and supplier of strategic raw materials to Balsac.

Company Balsac papermill s.r.o. is export-oriented, where Europe-wide and overseas production represents more than 2/3 of total capacity. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2009 Standard and there are food contact approval certifications ISEGA and ITC for selected paper grades.

Production portfolio is represented by Machine Glazed packaging papers suitable mainly for packaging, transport and conservation of foodstuffs and industrial products. Raw materials for paper production are particularly bleached virgin pulps, in some cases it is recycled paper of higher grades. Technologically and qualitatively demanding production of low substance MG papers (18 – 30 GSM) dominates the portfolio with versatility for choice of many alternatives (sized papers, wet strength treated, pH neutral, coloured, printed), finalization (reels, counter reels, sheets, ream-wrapped sheets, paper bags) and sizes. By a diverse combination of possibilities you can choose from the very wide range and variability of final products portfolio. We offer you tailor-made solutions for your needs.

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